May 28, 2013

Scenes from Our Memorial Weekend

Well folks, we did it. We accomplished pretty much everything on our list for this Memorial Day weekend and then some. The only thing to be sad about was our missing family; the ones who are vacationing in AZ without us, as well as the ones who have moved on from this life.

This memorial day I am particularly missing my grandparents. Blake will never get to know them in this life, and it breaks my heart every time we gather as a family and they are absent. My grandmother died little over a month before Blake was born. My family used to say she was up there making sure we were getting a good one, or maybe she was telling him to give us some trouble. Either way, I really hope he had a little chat with his relatives before coming down. They are some pretty spectacular people and are missed every day, not just on Memorial Day.

I think about my grandma when I am trimming roses or clipping lilies of the valley. I remember my grandpa when I hear George Straight or go out to eat at Sizzler. My grandmother is brought to mind when I pull one of her crocheted blankets over my cold feet. And I can almost catch glimpses of my grandfather every time I see an elderly crossing guard smiling while kids cross his street. My heart melts during these moments and sometimes a tear or two will leak out. I have so many good memories of my grandparents and would love to spend another weekend lunch with them sitting happily around the table with our family.

I don't need Memorial Day to be reminded and to honor them, but it sure is nice to have a day to look back and really dedicate some time to their memory. I didn't visit any graves on Memorial Day. It isn't something I would do without my mom and dad here. That really isn't where they are anyway. They are in my parents' backyard, lounging on the lawn chair or pestering the dog. They are saving a table at Chuck-a-Rama. They are out tending to the yard, or knitting a new sweater on the couch. They are in my memories as well as at my side in those quiet moments of missing. I love them so much, and look forward to seeing them again.

Anyways, here is what our weekend pretty much looked like.

1. Hitting up the splash pad party. K.B. wanted nothing to do with the water and everything to do with the beach balls. He compromised by running in to get the ball and running out to kick it all over the sidewalk.

2. Then we spent much of Saturday and Sunday getting chores done and kicking the same said beach ball all around the house and yard. My little brother also came by and rescued us on Saturday so we could get lunch and run a few errands.

3. Then came our Memorial Day BBQ. We took the lazy way out and went to Tucanos. I mean, it is my birthday month after all, and who can pass up getting a free meal? Not us. So we went and we ate--we ate way too much.

4. And last but not least, what is Memorial Day without some flowers. My green thumb and I ended up helping my MIL plant the flowers, herbs, and vegetables in her yard. Nothing can quite top the smell of peonies and lemon-basil. 

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