Nov 30, 2013

Taking Stock : November

Making: an advent calendar for my favorite boy.
Cooking: pumpkin chocolate chip cookies until the very end.
Drinking: hot, hot cocoa made from actual chocolate chips.
Reading: nothing on the docket currently, which is sad!
Wanting: my Littleman to be rid of all cold symptoms. Enough already!
Looking: at my dog who just wants to go outside.
Playing: with trains non-stop.
Wasting: not one single moment of this season. I love it!
Sewing: not a stitch.
Wishing: for snow! Thanksgiving is over so bring it.
Enjoying: a lot of time with my guys who are both home.
Waiting: for lunchtime all the time.
Liking: fur, gasp! Never thought that would be me.
Wondering: how many more orders my hubby will get before Xmas.
Loving: slippers on my feet.
Hoping: to instill the right Xmas spirit in my house.
Marveling: at all my many, many blessings.
Needing: to get to work on some more portraits.
Smelling: winter on the air. No snow, but it is close.
Wearing: flannel to the 10th degree.
Following: a trail of toys around the house.
Noticing: every little cough or sneeze from a little boy.
Knowing: my place in this world and loving it right now.
Thinking: I need to start listening to Xmas music soon.
Feeling: warm and fulfilled.
Bookmarking: rustic Xmas decorations--so lovely.
Opening: a new package of sugar. Baking time!
Giggling: at my puppy who loves playing with Blake.
Feeling: nostalgic, always around Xmas time.

**Pip started it.

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