Dec 9, 2013

Right at this Moment I Am...

...Listening for a Littleman who is upstairs and not making any noise. That spells TROUBLE!
...Adding to our Xmas decor very slowly.
...Waiting for packages to arrive in the mail so I can start wrapping that shiz.
...Wearing a grey Hanes sweatshirt. They really are the coziest.
...Eating pumpkin cookies and really glad I doubled up on the chocolate chips.
...Cleaning laundry, bleh!
...Smelling cinnamon and clove candles. Yummy stuff.
...Thinking about what I am going to wear for a party on Thursday.
...Feeling very excited about said party. I need a GNO so bad!
...Shopping for the nice people on my list. Only have two more to go.
...Talking to my mom on the phone and making Xmas Eve plans.
...Convincing myself to fold at least one load of clothes before this day is through.
...Working on a few freelance projects and not hating it.
...Drinking apple cider.
...Wishing Xmas would come, but at the same time not.

What are you up to lately?

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