Oct 3, 2012

Right at this Moment I Am...

...In bed, but not sleeping. I can't sleep, I should say. My mind is buzzing. Which is why I am here I suppose. 

...Hoping things will work our with our finances this month. 

....Feeling my feet get hotter and hotter with Potts sleeping against them. 

...Listening to the low hum of the ceiling fan. Calming, tranquil, and persistent--just the way I like my fans. 

....Thinking I should not have eaten that second zucchini brownie. Just because it has a vegetable in it does not make them healthy, I am sorry to say. 

...Glad I watched another Harry Potter movie today. They put me in the mood for October.

...Shouting "Hooray October!" and doing a little jig in my mind while my Superman snores next to me. 

...Wondering if I should start reading another book on my Kindle or if I should let it have a rest tonight. 

...Dreading the pile of dishes I get to tackle in the morning. Dishes, probably my least favorite chore next to laundry. 

...Sad that K.B. got his first bloody nose today. He whacked it on the coffee table downstairs and it broke my heart. It was only little, and I know it was the first of many, but still--I do not like it!

...Excited for fall. I cannot wait to have my over the knee boots say hello to crispy fall leaves. 

...Not wearing any socks. Do any of you wear socks to bed? I can't stand it!

...Yawning. Good night.

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