Oct 8, 2012

Right At this Moment I Am...

...Already missing this fall foliage from our drive last weekend. 

...Greatly anticipating the use of pumpkin in a number of October recipes. 

...Hoping to get my lawn mowed at least one more time, but dreading it at the same time. 

...Waiting for K.B. to wake up from his nap so we can get back to playing. 

...Watching yet another Harry Potter movie. They will all be on repeat until Halloween arrives. 

...Thinking about what I will do with the next three days my husband has off from work. 

...Deciding if I need to iron my denim button up shirt, or just leave it a little wrinkly from the dryer. 

...Craving a huge bowl of hot, salty popcorn. 

...Wearing some stripey, slipper socks Superman got for me last year. 

...Betting K.B. breaks another tooth in the next few days. Total of 9 peeps!

...Itching to get some Halloween crafting done over the weekend. 

What are you up to right this moment?

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