Feb 7, 2013

Right At This Moment I Am...

...Being tucked in by my 15 month old, when I should be trying to get him down for a nap. 
...Watching enviously while my dog lays in a ray of sun on the living room carpet soaking it all in. 
...Itching at a nasty cold sore. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!
...Wishing I could make up a batch of my cookies, but the dough must refrigerate for an eternity first.
...Debating about sticking in another disk of Gilmore Girl episodes. 
...Not ready to give up nursing, but Littleman has other ideas. It makes me sad. 
...Charging my phone because I forgot to do it last night and the battery is dead, dead, dead. 
...Singing along to the Pitch Perfect Original Movie Soundtrack. Its pretty fun.
...Saying No! ten thousand times as my Littleman keeps trying to dance on the couch. No!
...Resigned to clean up all of the Legos scattered around our downstairs floor, but not right now. 
...Nursing the last of my Kleenex hoping this illness is finally over. 
...Excited to have had the sun shining all day! I can see some grass beneath all the white stuff. 
...Looking forward to a long weekend of having Superman home! 
...Unsure of what Valentines Day will look like for us, but thinking of ways to make it special. 

So, what are you doing right now?

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